Adraa Agriculture College farm was established in the year 2012. In the year 2015, Adraa vegetable project was set up as a separate entity to be run professionally as a business entity. The Adraa-AVP will therefore Production and supply to the market a variety of nutrient rich vegetables crops that are Production organically. Besides it being a business unit to generate substantial income to contribute towards ACC financial sustainability, the business will offer suitable training field AAC’S Students.

Adraa College Vegetable Production business is owned by Adraa Agriculture College. The vegetable production section falls within the AAC farm and is headed by a head section answerable to the AAC’S farm manager.

The goal of Adraa- vegetable business unit is to be a leading brand in the production and supply of quality organic nutrient rich vegetables and spices in Northern Uganda. The business specifically intends to achieve its goal through, producing organic nutrient rich vegetables and generating substantial average income of UGX 250,000 monthly and striving to be the most suitable skills training resource Centre for vegetables and spices in West Nile region by the end of 2016.

Administratively, Adraa vegetable business unit has a head of section that is responsible for its day today activities and is answerable to the college farm manager (CFM). The CFM in turn is responsible to the Coordinator of business (COB). The COB is answerable to the college principal who provides overall management directives for all ACC business entities. The COB also liaises with the college accountant on financial accountability and with the M&E person for documentation including performance assessment. Legally, Adraa vegetable production is part of Adraa agriculture college farm, it currently operates under the legal status of ACC.

The immediate market for Adraa vegetable project will target AAC and Franciscan Brothers community as the readily available and accessible market outlets’. Meanwhile, the rest of the products will be supplied to outside market but not limited to Arua, Gulu and Zombo. The marketing strategy will use channels such as radio talk-shows/announcements, flyers, posters, email, websites, exhibitions and any other public events like independence day celebrations in market its products.

In terms of social and environmental impacts, Adraa vegetable business is expected to inspire interested horticultural farmers to learn and adopt effective and efficient farming technologies/methodologies for sustainable use of resources to achieve sustainable livelihoods.

General Objective

To be a leading brand in the production and supply of quality organic nutrient-rich vegetables and spices in Northern Uganda

Specific Objectives

1. To Produce 5.000 kgs annually of organic nutrient-rich vegetables and spices for the market in Northern Uganda.

2. To generate on average UGX 600,000 monthly from sales by December 2017

3. To be the most suitable skills training resource center for vegetables and spices in West Nile region by end of 2022. 

Pig Production

Pig production is a common practice carried out by individual farmers in west Nile. Pigs are seen in most homesteads, kept for mainly home consumption and occasionally sold for the purpose of generating income for family sustainability. However, this is being done at a subsistence level which could not meet the demand for the market of pig products. There is a very high demand for pigs, their products such as pork and bacon as well as sausages.  Therefore, due to this demand, Adraa Agriculture College, through the Pigs section is planning to establish a lucrative business of pig production for the purpose of selling live Pigs for Pork, bacon and breeding to individual pork joint dealers as well as institutions in the West Nile region -Nebbi, Arua, Zombo, Maracha districts and parts of the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. Evidence suggests that there exists ready market for pig products in west Nile and beyond.

The value proposition of our business is offering healthy and organically raised fatteners for pork bacon and breeding for our esteemed customers.

Important information necessary to our customers will be provided in order to ensure that their needs and expectations are met.