Adraa Agriculture College Bee Development Centre is business oriented department that handles beekeeping activities in AAC. The Centre provides both the bee-keeping development aspects for sustainable livelihood of people in the catchment areas and it also established a business wing that deals with bulking of raw bee-products, processing, packaging, marketing and selling of the products.

 The “Adraa Honey” business sector is set aside to run the business aspects of honey production and marketing. The Adraa Honey continues to attract huge demands for its products which customers normally referred to as “organic products” and for real the products are organically produced which can be differentiated by its characteristic client friendly taste and aroma. The extension staff continues providing capacities and capabilities building for the out growers so as to ascertain traceability for the products as well as to ascertain product quality control.

    Assorted Adraa honey packaging          Adraa Honey Product

                                                            Assorted Adraa Honey Packaging

Adraa Agriculture College Bee Development Centre is working hand in hand with over 500 out growers as a strategy for promoting bee keeping for a sustainable livelihood of bee farmers in the College catchment areas. Very encouraging point is that, the overall numbers of beekeepers both (female and male) organized and are actively engaged in bee keeping activities have so far exceeded the initial targeted 500 out growers.  Through the help of past students of AAC trained in beekeeping and other enterprises, Adraa Agriculture - Bee Development Centre (BDC)- a (the development wing of Adraa-Honey) has managed to mobilize at least 600 bee keepers from the districts of Zombo, Arua, Nebbi and Pakwach in West Nile.

Adraa Honey Business is established under Adraa Agriculture College so as to contribute to the financial sustainability of the College. As a result, a three year business plan was developed to guide the business activities. The implementation of the said business plan already started from 1st of January 2017 to date with series of ongoing activities .


·         To improve financial sustainability of Adraa agriculture college

·         Develop bee keeping in the local community

·         Help to improve livelihood of people who supply bee products to the AAC business unit

·         Provide suitable training facilities for education and training of Adraa agriculture College students.

·         Enhance environmental conservation, protection and promotion strategy.