Adraa Agriculture College (AAC) is a corporate body under the Trustees Incorporation Act of Uganda. The College has been registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports with its registration number (Reg Number: MOES/BTVET/219). The institution has been operating in Offaka Subcounty in Arua District, West Nile region since 2012, providing skills-oriented practical training in Sustainable Agriculture for Rural Development (SARD). The aim of this education and training is to improve capacities and capabilities of rural communities in order to be able to use available natural resources to achieve sustainable livelihoods.

AAC does this human capacity development through Short Courses. These courses are demand driven and tailor-made according to clients such as NGOs, Agencies, CBOs and the individual farmers in the catchment area including the Refugee Settlements in West Nile.

By providing practical skills straining services to cross-boundary “people of concern”, the College contributes towards fulfilling her strategic purpose of serving the “Rural Communities in which sustainable livelihoods to enable people to live with dignity and in harmony with themselves, their neighbours, their and environment and with their God.”

To achieve the above purpose, the College provides practical education and training for sustainable agriculture and rural development for individuals in target communities. The training is designed to be 70% practical and 30% theoretical. The College has a professional and experienced staff; therefore, this gives an opportunity for the College to transform people to being effective, efficient and business-oriented mindset that ensures top-quality education and training.

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