In pursuing its mission and achieving its vision, AAC will be guided by the following core values. These values will serve to underpin the work of all AAC members.

1. Equality of all

• Spirit of teamwork

• Impartial approach to service provision

2. Respect and care for the Earth

• All creatures honor the creator

• Avoidance of land degradation

• Sustainable use of natural resource

• Appropriate waste management policies and practice

3. Stewardship

• Full responsibility for resources in our custody

• Accountability

• Integrity-integration of belief and practice

4. Spirit of excellence

• Adherence to set quality standard

• Ethics in production, service delivery, communication, social interaction and in executing responsibilities

5. Hospitality

• Friendly reception

• Spirit of generosity

• Respect and care for students, other clients and colleagues.

The core values are principles that guides AAC’s internal conduct as well as its relationship with the external world. Core values are summarized in the mission statement and are those values held by the college which form the foundation on which the college performs work and conducts itself. AAC has adopted these core values to guide production and delivery of services for improved livelihood..